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My reference has been James F. Clements; 'THE CLEMENTS CHECKLIST OF BIRDS OF THE WORLD'. Sixth Edition 2007 (Cornell University Press.) This is the official checklist of the American Birding Association, and has a world wide recognition as a standard reference. It is the most up to date checklist based largely on the latest DNA findings:
The Clements checklist of birds of the world.

Yearly updates and corrections are posted on the following page:
The Clements checklist: Updates and Corrections

Note that the names sometimes change, and that different taxonomists can give different names, or spelling to the same species. Sibley & Monroe might have created a new species with a new name where Clements still regarded the bird as a subspecies.

I have indexed each species page with its common alternate name. For instance Gray-headed Chickadee (Poecile cincta) is also indexed as Siberian Tit (Parus Cinctus). The best way of finding a bird on this site is by entering the scientific name in the search box at the top of all pages.

What is the scientific bird name again...
One easy way of translating the name from English, Dutch, French, Swedish etc into its scientific name is to use a free bird names, translation engine. I recommend using KNUTAS (Search by the family name if the complete name doesn't return the exact match).

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