Order: Procellariiformes (2023 update)
Family: Procellariidae - Shearwaters and Petrels

Southern Giant-PetrelMacronectes giganteusCircumpolar southern oceans south to the pack ice
Northern Giant-PetrelMacronectes halliSouthern oceans, generally north of Antarctic convergence
Northern Fulmar (Atlantic)Fulmarus glacialis glacialis/auduboni
Fulmarus glacialis glacialisBreeds high Arctic regions of North Atlantic; ranges widely
Fulmarus glacialis auduboniBreeds low Arctic and boreal North Atlantic; ranges widely
Northern Fulmar (Pacific)Fulmarus glacialis rodgersiiBreeds coasts of e Siberia and Alaskan peninsula; ranges widely
Southern FulmarFulmarus glacialoidesAntarctic circumpolar; ranges widely southern oceans
Antarctic PetrelThalassoica antarcticaBreeds Antarctic islands and coasts; ranges southern oceans
Cape PetrelDaption capense
Cape Petrel (Antarctic)Daption capense capenseBreeds circumpolar subantarctic islands; ranges southern oceans
Cape Petrel (Snares)Daption capense australeBreeds New Zealand subantarctic islands; ranges southern oceans
Snow PetrelPagodroma nivea
Pagodroma nivea niveaAntarctic Peninsula and islands (except Ross Sea region), N to South Georgia and Bouvetøya Islands, but intergrades with subspecies major; ranges widely in Antarctic waters
Pagodroma nivea majorRoss Sea region (Balleny Island, Cape Adare, Cape Hallet, and possibly Scott Island); intergrades with nominate nivea at many sites, including South Orkney and South Sandwich Islands, Casey, Terre Adélie, Cape Hunter, and Cape Denison. ranges widely in Antarctic waters
Kerguelen PetrelAphrodroma brevirostrisTristan da Cunha, Gough, Prince Edward, Crozet and Kerguelen is.
Large St. Helena PetrelPterodroma rupinarumExtinct. Formerly bred on St. Helena Island
Great-winged PetrelPterodroma macropteraislands in S Atlantic and Indian Oceans (Tristan da Cunha, Gough, Marion, Crozet and Kerguelen Islands, and off SW Australia); primarily ranges from S Atlantic and Indian Oceans to Tasman Sea
Gray-faced PetrelPterodroma gouldibreeds on islands off North Island (New Zealand); ranges in Tasman Sea and SW Pacific Ocean
Kermadec PetrelPterodroma neglecta
Pterodroma neglecta neglectaBreeds South Pacific islands from New Zealand to Easter I.
Pterodroma neglecta juanaJuan Fernández, San Ambrosio and San Félix islands (off Chile)
Magenta PetrelPterodroma magentaeChatham Islands (population ±50 birds in 1992)
Trindade PetrelPterodroma arminjonianaBreeds Trindade and Martim Vaz Islands (south Atlantic Ocean)
Herald PetrelPterodroma heraldicabreeds in the tropical Pacific Ocean (Raine I., Tonga and French Polynesia to Easter I.). Pelagic range incompletely known, but occurs regularly to the central Pacific Ocean
Murphy's PetrelPterodroma ultimaTuamotu Archipelago, Austral Islands and Pitcairn I.
Providence PetrelPterodroma solandriBreeds Lord Howe I. and Philip I.; ranges to nw Pacific
Henderson PetrelPterodroma atrataBreeds Henderson I. (se Pacific)
Zino's PetrelPterodroma madeiraHighlands of Madeira I.; ranges e Atlantic Ocean
Fea's PetrelPterodroma feae
Fea's Petrel (Fea's)Pterodroma feae feaeBreeds Cape Verde Islands; ranges e Atlantic Ocean
Fea's Petrel (Desertas)Pterodroma feae desertaBreeds Bugio, Desertas Islands; nonbreeding range Atlantic Ocean (50º N south to -35º S)
Soft-plumaged PetrelPterodroma mollis
Pterodroma mollis mollisGough, Tristan da Cunha and Antipodes islands
Pterodroma mollis dubiaMarion, Crozet, Kerguelen and Amsterdam islands
Barau's PetrelPterodroma barauiBreeds Réunion I. and Rodrigues I.; pelagic range unknown
White-headed PetrelPterodroma lessoniiIslands in s Indian Ocean and s Pacific Ocean
Mottled PetrelPterodroma inexpectataBreeds Stewart I., Snares Islands and sw South I. (New Zealand)
Bermuda PetrelPterodroma cahowBreeds Nonsuch I. (Bermuda); disperses to Gulf Stream
Black-capped PetrelPterodroma hasitataCuba, Hispaniola, Guadeloupe and Dominica; ranges w Atlantic
Juan Fernandez PetrelPterodroma externaAlejandro Selkirk I. (Juan Fernández Islands off Chile)
Atlantic PetrelPterodroma incertaTristan da Cunha and Gough islands; ranges s Atlantic Ocean
Galapagos PetrelPterodroma phaeopygiaBreeds Galapagos Islands; ranges Clipperton I. to n Peru
Hawaiian PetrelPterodroma sandwichensisHawaiian Islands; ranges south to Polynesia
White-necked PetrelPterodroma cervicalisBreeds Kermadec Islands; ranges s Pacific Ocean
Bonin PetrelPterodroma hypoleucaVolcano, Bonin and w Hawaiian islands; ranges to Polynesia
Black-winged PetrelPterodroma nigripennisBreeds sw Pacific; ranges s-central Pacific Ocean
Chatham PetrelPterodroma axillarisRangitira I. (Chatham Islands) and adjacent seas
Cook's PetrelPterodroma cookiiBreeds islands off New Zealand; ranges to E and N Pacific
Masatierra PetrelPterodroma defilippianaJuan Fernández, San Ambrosio and San Félix islands (off Chile)
Gould's PetrelPterodroma leucoptera
Gould's Petrel (Gould's)Pterodroma leucoptera leucopteraBreeds Cabbage Tree Is. (off e Australia); ranges s Pacific Ocean
Gould's Petrel (New Caledonian)Pterodroma leucoptera caledonicaNew Caledonia
Collared PetrelPterodroma brevipes
Collared Petrel (Collared)Pterodroma brevipes brevipesFiji and Cook Islands
Collared Petrel (Magnificent)Pterodroma brevipes magnificensSuspected to breed in the Banks Islands, northern Vanuatu; nonbreeding distribution unknown
Stejneger's PetrelPterodroma longirostrisAlejandro Selkirk I. (off Chile); ranges e and n Pacific
Pycroft's PetrelPterodroma pycroftiBreeds small islands off New Zealand coast; ranges to n Pacific
Phoenix PetrelPterodroma albaBreeds French Polynesia to Kermadec I.; ranges s Pacific waters
Vanuatu PetrelPterodroma occultaPresumed to breed on Banks Is. off n Vanuatu
Blue PetrelHalobaena caeruleaIslands in subantarctic southern oceans and islands off Cape Horn
Fairy PrionPachyptila turturBreeds scattered subtropical and subantarctic islands
Broad-billed PrionPachyptila vittataBreeds islands off New Zealand and Tristan da Cunha group
Salvin's PrionPachyptila salvinibreeds Prince Edward Island and Crozet Island; at sea occurs in S Indian Ocean and Australasian seas
MacGillivray's PrionPachyptila macgillivrayibreeds in the S Atlantic Ocean (Gough Island) and the S Indian Ocean (St. Paul Island, formerly also Amsterdam Island); at-sea distribution not well known
Antarctic PrionPachyptila desolata
Pachyptila desolata desolataCrozet, Kerguelen and Macquarie islands
Pachyptila desolata alteraAuckland and Heard islands
Pachyptila desolata banksiScotia Arc, South Georgia, South Sandwich and Scott islands
Slender-billed PrionPachyptila belcheriCrozet, Kerguelen and Falkland islands; Noir I. (off s Chile)
Fulmar PrionPachyptila crassirostris
Pachyptila crassirostris crassirostrisBreeds Snares and Bounty and Chatham islands (New Zealand)
Pachyptila crassirostris pyramidalisBreeds Chatham islands (New Zealand)
Pachyptila crassirostris flemingiBreeds Heard and Auckland islands (New Zealand)
Bulwer's PetrelBulweria bulweriiAzores to Cape Verde, Johnston and nw Hawaiian islands
Jouanin's PetrelBulweria fallaxNW Indian Ocean and s Arabian Sea; breeding grounds unknown
Fiji PetrelPseudobulweria macgillivrayiBreeds Gau I. (Fiji). Distribution at sea unknown.
Mascarene PetrelPseudobulweria aterrimaRéunion (Mascarene Islands); ranges adjacent Indian Ocean
Tahiti PetrelPseudobulweria rostrata
Pseudobulweria rostrata rostrataBreeds Marquesas and Society islands; confined to trop. Pacific
Pseudobulweria rostrata trouessartiBreeds New Caledonia; ranges s Pacific Ocean
Beck's PetrelPseudobulweria beckiBreeding sites unknown (New Ireland?); ranges to Bismarck A. and Solomon I.
Lava Petrel (undescribed form)Pseudobulweria [undescribed form]Breeding sites unknown; reported at sea near Solomons Islands
Gray PetrelProcellaria cinereaBreeds and ranges circumpolar subantarctic seas
White-chinned PetrelProcellaria aequinoctialisCircumpolar subantarctic islands
Spectacled PetrelProcellaria conspicillataInaccessible I. (Tristan da Cunha)
Parkinson's PetrelProcellaria parkinsoniLittle and Great Barrier is. (New Zealand); ranges to S America
Westland PetrelProcellaria westlandicaSouth I. (New Zealand); disperses to Australia and w S. America
Streaked ShearwaterCalonectris leucomelasBreeds coastal islands off Japan and China; ranges to s Pacific
Cory's ShearwaterCalonectris diomedea
Cory's Shearwater (borealis)Calonectris diomedea borealisBreeds Azores, Madeira, Canary, and Berlenga islands
Cory's Shearwater (Scopoli's)Calonectris diomedea diomedeaBreeds Mediterranean islands
Cape Verde ShearwaterCalonectris edwardsiiBreeds Cape Verde Islands
Pink-footed ShearwaterArdenna creatopusMocha and Juan Fernández islands off Chile; ranges to n Pacific
Flesh-footed ShearwaterArdenna carneipesS Indian and sw Pacific Oceans; winters to Arabian Sea, nw Pacific
Great ShearwaterArdenna gravisIslands in s Atlantic Ocean; ranges n Atlantic to Arctic Circle
Wedge-tailed ShearwaterArdenna pacifica
Ardenna pacifica pacificabreeds Norfolk Island, the Kermadec Islands, Fiji and Tonga, ranging to the SE part of the North Pacific Ocean
Ardenna pacifica chlororhynchatropical and subtropical Indian and Pacific Oceans, breeding from the Madagascar area east to W Australia, and from S Japan south to E Australia, Lord Howe Island, and New Caledonia east to the Marquesas Islands, Pitcairn Island, and the Revillagigedo Islands (off western Mexico)
Buller's ShearwaterArdenna bulleriBreeds islands off New Zealand; wide transpacific dispersal
Sooty ShearwaterArdenna griseaS S. Am., New Zealand, se Australia; winters to n Pacific, n Atlantic
Short-tailed ShearwaterArdenna tenuirostrisS Australia and Tasmania; winters to n Pacific
Christmas ShearwaterPuffinus nativitatisWidespread throughout tropical central Pacific Ocean
Galapagos ShearwaterPuffinus subalarisBreeds Galapagos Islands
Manx ShearwaterPuffinus puffinus
Puffinus puffinus puffinusBreeds n Atlantic; ranges to Argentina and s African waters
Puffinus puffinus canariensisLa Palma and Tenerife (Canary Islands)
Yelkouan ShearwaterPuffinus yelkouanBreeds central and e Mediterranean islands
Balearic ShearwaterPuffinus mauretanicusBreeds Balearic Islands; ranges to coastal n Europe
Hutton's ShearwaterPuffinus huttoniBreeds ne South I. (New Zealand); ranges to Australia
Bannerman's ShearwaterPuffinus bannermaniBreeds Bonin and Volcano islands (off Japan)
Townsend's ShearwaterPuffinus auricularisBreeds Revillagigedo Islands (off w Mexico); disperses to 8°N
Newell's ShearwaterPuffinus newellibreeds Hawaiian Islands (primarily Kauai, also Molokai, Maui, and Hawaii); nonbreeding in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean
Rapa ShearwaterPuffinus myrtaeRapa I. (Austral Islands)
Bryan's ShearwaterPuffinus bryaniRange poorly known; discovered on Midway Island (Hawaii), but probably breeds Bonin Islands (Japan)
Black-vented ShearwaterPuffinus opisthomelasIslands off w coast of Baja Calif.; disperses adj. Mexican waters
Fluttering ShearwaterPuffinus gaviaBreeds is. off New Zealand; ranges to se Australia and Vanuatu
Little ShearwaterPuffinus assimilis
Little Shearwater (Tasman)Puffinus assimilis assimilisNorfolk and Lord Howe islands
Little Shearwater (Hauraki)Puffinus assimilis haurakiensisIslets off ne coast of North I. (New Zealand)
Little Shearwater (Kermadec)Puffinus assimilis kermadecensisKermadec Islands
Little Shearwater (West Australian)Puffinus assimilis tunneyiIslands off sw Australia (Abrolhos Islands to Récherche Arch.)
Subantarctic ShearwaterPuffinus elegansTristan da Cunha, Gough, Chatham and Antipodes islands
Barolo ShearwaterPuffinus baroliAzores, Desertas, Salvage and Canary islands
Boyd's ShearwaterPuffinus boydiCape Verde Islands
Audubon's ShearwaterPuffinus lherminieri
Puffinus lherminieri lherminieriBreeds Bahamas and West Indies; formerly Bermuda
Puffinus lherminieri loyemilleriIslets in sw Caribbean
Tropical ShearwaterPuffinus bailloni
Tropical Shearwater (Mascarene)Puffinus bailloni bailloniMascarene Islands
Tropical Shearwater (Indopacific)Puffinus bailloni [dichrous Group]
Puffinus bailloni dichrousIslands throughout central Pacific (Samoa to Marquesas Islands)
Puffinus bailloni nicolaeNW Indian Ocean (Aldabra to Seychelles and Maldives)
Puffinus bailloni gunaxBreeds Banks Group (Vanuatu)
Persian ShearwaterPuffinus persicus
Puffinus persicus persicusBreeds and ranges Arabian Sea and adjacent waters
Puffinus persicus temptatorMohéli I. (Comoro Islands)
Heinroth's ShearwaterPuffinus heinrothiNew Britain and Solomon Islands
Peruvian Diving-PetrelPelecanoides garnotiiArid coasts of Peru and n Chile
Common Diving-PetrelPelecanoides urinatrix
Pelecanoides urinatrix berardFalkland Islands
Pelecanoides urinatrix dacunhaeTristan da Cunha and Gough islands
Pelecanoides urinatrix exsulSouth Georgia I. east to Antipodes Islands
Pelecanoides urinatrix urinatrixTasmania, New Zealand and islands in Bass Strait
Pelecanoides urinatrix chathamensisChatham and Snares islands (off New Zealand)
Pelecanoides urinatrix coppingeriSouthern Chile
South Georgia Diving-PetrelPelecanoides georgicus
Pelecanoides georgicus georgicusbreeds in subantarctic circumpolar regions: South Georgia Island in the S Atlantic Ocean; Prince Edward, Marion, Crozet, Kerguelen, and Heard Islands in the S Indian Ocean; and on Macquarie Island, south of New Zealand. Ranges at sea in waters near breeding sites
Pelecanoides georgicus whenuahouensisbreeds New Zealand (Codfish Island, off the southern end of the South Island; formerly also bred on the Auckland Islands); range at sea not documented
Magellanic Diving-PetrelPelecanoides magellaniIslands and fiords of s Chile, s Argentina and extreme se Brazil